Teaching abstinence is not enough

What is promoting zina?

“You should have sex before marriage! Nay, you MUST have sex before marriage! Let’s start a campaign asking everyone to have sex before they marry!”

What is NOT promoting zina?

“We cannot dictate people’s choices to have sex before/after marriage, but they should learn safe sex to avoid STDs, unwanted pregnancies, and coercion/manipulation.”

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Improving My English

I have been asked many times by different people throughout the years how to improve their English. A lot of them raise the point that the words I use are understandable and not always bombastic, but it has never crossed their minds to use it a certain way in a sentence. I am extremely flattered by their queries, but I have to first admit that my English is not the best. However, I am willing to help those who are keen in improving theirs and I hope that this blog post will help you! Continue reading Improving My English