In 610 CE,
Gabriel appeared before the Prophet.
“Read!” He said,
But the Prophet was illiterate.

“Read in the name of your Lord who created —
Created man from a clot.
Read: for your Lord is Most Bountiful,
Who teaches by pen,
Teaches man that which he knew not.”

When the Prophet received the first revelation,
He was so convinced it was hallucination.
But this moment changed him forever.
It even turned him into the first “social justice warrior”.

The Prophet fought on despite this wraith,
Now it becomes clear: Doubt is essential to faith.

To some, doubt in faith is akin to blasphemy.
But what is Truth if we don’t question authenticity?
If we treat seeking knowledge with dereliction,
Then it’s not faith, but heartless conviction.
When we’re certain we possess Truth with capital T,
This already goes against God’s holy decree.

The Qur’an condemns those who think they’re right,
To find true faith, prophets struggled day and night.
But easily these ulamas claim to know what’s true,
“They’re not self-righteous, they want to rescue you.”

If you don’t listen to them, you’re an infidel.
You are a dirty liberal scum that will rot in Hell.

But if “infidel” means “faithless”,
And to have faith is to doubt,
With your absolutism and dogma,
Who are you to call me out?

Isn’t it weird how “alim” means someone who knows,
But basic things like being kind, they fail to show?
Faith isn’t blind with no criticism.
There is a word for that: it’s called “fanaticism”.

Real faith is questioning what we think we know.
It is the only way for us to grow.
Real faith isn’t easy, it’s a continuous struggle;
Repeated to reach light at the end of the tunnel.

Because when you doubt, you seek for Truth.
Nobody said the journey was smooth.
Dressing in white doesn’t make you a messenger.
You just dress to speak for the Creator.

If knowledge has to be sought, then God has none.
Why should He seek when He is The One?
God is al-haadi, al-badi, ar-rashid.
God does not have knowledge: He is it.

If God is al-awaal and al-aakhir,
It means beginnings and ends come from Him.
That’s why to me seeking knowledge is piety,
But still to many, it’s seen as infidelity.

Some people take longer to find their Truth,
Just because you think you have it, don’t be uncouth.
Who’s to say that you’re even right?
I guess we’ll only know when we meet in Akhirat.

Let’s stop this game of who’s right or wrong.
When will we ever learn to just get along?
We could end this unholy Muslim war,
If we only listened to the first revelation — Iqra’.

4 October 2016

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