Does your God hate anyone who doesn’t believe in Him,
And commands you to condemn them to Hell for thinking so?
Does He hate all the gays and only loves a specific group of people,
Thus instead of making friends, you make them your foe?

Is your God petty and punishes cruelly with little vindication,
For the mere reason that we aren’t doing things His way?
Does He overturn a whole country, an entire nation,
Just because only a handful people have gone astray?

Do you look down on those who think differently than you,
Those who don’t subscribe to the same beliefs?
Do you do that because in your scriptures, God dooms them,
But people who are just like you will be spared from grief?

Does belief in your God make you feel more superior than others,
Because Holy Books tell you that what you know is the Truth?
Do you ostracise, alienate, and throw people into Hell
Because you just know that that is what God will do?

Does God command something because it is good,
Or is it good only because God commands them?
If He came to you right now to ask for a human sacrifice,
For a ticket to Heaven, would you kill an innocent man?

I’ve seen good people do bad things in the name of God,
And I’ve seen bad people do good things in His name.
If a miraculous scientific discovery managed to prove He did not exist,
Would your morals lose all meaning, or would it still remain the same?

If all you’re doing right now warrants a reward when you die,
Then your goodness is vacuous and insincere.
What’s the point if you do things just for brownie points
Without thinking if you are making life Hell for those who are here?

Everyone says “Let go and let God”,
But how many of us truly leave things to Him?
We end up creating our own version of a Divine,
Because it’s comforting to know that a King is on our team.

God has turned into our comfort zone –
Justification for all the things that we do.
But think about it and you might see:
That your God is merely a reflection of you.

18 December 2016

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