God made the angels bow
To the first man He created; Adam.
But Iblis refused to submit,
Thus he was banished from Heaven.

Using Adam’s rib,
God made him a companion.
Her name was Eve,
And together they went into union.

They were allowed to roam the Garden of Eden,
But there was one exception:
Do not go near the Tree of Knowledge,
For eating its fruit is forbidden.

Iblis managed to tempt them
And they ate the fruit anyway.
He sold the idea of temptation
Through his cunning ways.

Soon, Adam and Eve realised they were naked,
So they started looking for things to wear.
Because after eating from the Tree of Knowledge,
They became self-aware.

Everyone knows what happened next,
The rest of the story needs no reiteration.
Adam and Eve were sent down to Earth,
The first two of God’s most perfect Creation.

Whether you believe it was Lucifer or Iblis that disobeyed,
The lesson behind it remains the same.
For not listening to God,
They were regarded with shame.

Even in culture, we have Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat:
A story of romanticised blind loyalty.
When it favoured the Sultan,
Hang Tuah was granted full amnesty.

Two friends pitted against each other,
Causing mayhem and caught in a bloodbath.
Hang Jebat held true to his words until his death:
“Raja adil raja disembah, raja zalim raja disanggah.”

(Translation: “A fair king is a king to salute, a cruel king is a king to rebel against.”)

How are these stories any different from the reality today
Where people are being condemned for thinking?
Any thought or conscience against your ruler
Is not only wrong, but considered as sinning.

When politics is your garden,
Politicians and Rulers become your Gods.
Their right-hand men, the Angels,
With no freewill and no freethought.

They want to rule over us all;
The Adams and the Eves.
They tell us what to do,
They tell us what to believe.

But like Hang Jebat and Iblis,
Some of us won’t adhere.
We refuse to succumb to authority,
We refuse to give in to fear.

Why are we still surprised when religion gets politicised,
When we’ve been taught undying loyalty since the beginning?
Religion set the foundation that freethought is blasphemous,
Because when the people lack that, oppressors stay winning.

They keep using religion to justify themselves,
Saying “This is how it’s supposed to be.”
I think from here, it’s pretty obvious:
Religious scripts have become playbooks for tyranny.

I’m not rejecting the existence of God,
I do believe in a transcendence that’s Divine.
But was religion* man-made or sent from Heaven?
That’s up to you to decide.

For the things that I say and the things that I do,
Just like Iblis, I have been damned.
But if what I do encourages freethought and knowledge,
Then maybe everyone should have a little bit of jinn in them.

*religion as a political institution

This poem is not written to discredit the Qur’anic/Biblical story of Adam and Eve, but to highlight how political figures are seemingly trying to mirror the divine story in which they ‘play’ (thus the word “playbook”) God by using religious scriptures to justify their cruel authority, thus we have to be the jinns that feed the fruits of the Tree of Knowledge (which is literally knowledge) to the Adams and Eves (people) in order to liberate them from the mind shackles of an unworthy God (corrupt ruler).

This is not to say that God is cruel in essence, but that man is suffering from a superiority complex in which he starts acting like an infallible God.

24 November 2016

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