Dear Little One

Dear little one,

I still see you sometimes at the corner of your bed in that dark room – crying, upset, afraid. You were always so happy and carefree, but I knew that deep down you had fears that were too heavy for a child to carry. Because your fears went beyond just ghosts and nightmares, you feared losing your family.

I still see the sadness in your eyes as you tried your best to make do with whatever was given to you. You had no control over your situation but you were taught to find happiness in the smallest things – and that you did.

While you were always being assured that things will get better, it made you anxious to think when it would. I wish I was there at the time to tell you that it does get better, much better than anything that you could have imagined.

I wish I could hold you by the hand and cradle your small frame in my arms and show you the world that was coming. You have always been afraid of changes and I understand how scary it is to leave your comfort to enter a new world, but little one, I promise that some changes are for the better.

As I hold your tiny hand in mine, I look into your eyes and tell you, “There really was a rainbow after the storm after all.”

I made a vow that I will be the person that I needed when I was younger.

I did it.

We did it, little one.

And I promise to bring you with me wherever I go – to serve as a reminder of our humble beginnings, unconditional love, and headstrong perseverance.