In Beloved Memory

Ladies and gentlemen, friend or foe,
Thank you for joining me today in expressing my woes.
Before us lies our dearly departed,
And their murder has left me truly disheartened.

For you see, they are the ones that made progress possible –
The only ones that allowed for our concerns to be made audible.
They are the ones who allowed us to speak truth to authority;
They are the ones who helped made us an intellectual society.

I wish I could say that we never saw their passing coming,
But in doing so I would only be dishonest and bluffing.
We are partly responsible for the death of our friends,
For we saw their declining health yet still left them condemned.

There’ll be an immeasurable amount of loss sustained by their death,
But their legacy will not end just because they took their last breath.
It is our responsibility and civil duty to uphold
The lessons that they have taught us – may it never go untold.

The late genius Leonardo Da Vinci in speaking against tyrants
Once said, “Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence.”
And our friends, oh have they never stayed quiet;
They were strong, tenacious, and loud – they always started a riot.

But alas, when an incapable administration is afraid of losing power,
Their only way to triumph is to make those under them cower.
Thus they shut down our friends and brutally murdered them
To ensure that the impending upheaval will cease and end.

The only thing I hope for is that their fiery spirit will continue to blaze
Through the lives of those whom they have touched in different ways.
Let’s promise that no matter how hard some try to keep us restrained,
We will make sure that our friends did not die in vain.

This is an ode to the fallen ones who have shaped our history –
The strongest proponents of justice: Dissent and Liberty.

  • Poem rendition of To Our Beloved: In Memoriam
  • This poem won first place in Management and Science University’s School of Education and Social Sciences faculty poetry competition “Metaphorically Speaking”