In Celebration Of Love

As constellations and stars collide,
Sometimes we just need a lover by our side.
Space dust and collapsing nebulas,
Your story has been written in the stars.

Come what may, people can never deny
The love that we see from both of your eyes.
Truly there is nothing more pure and honest
Than a bond built on friendship and everlasting promise.

Waves churn and shorelines break,
But this never stopped sunlight’s wake.
Like the Earth and Moon, you can never be far;
For this love runs deeper than any scar.

Fire, fire, water and ice.
We all want a bit of Paradise.
But I’m going to tell Heaven to wait:
Please don’t tear apart these soulmates.

*A poem I wrote for a beloved couple’s 10 year anniversary.

Shafiqah Othman Hamzah

Shafiqah is a Singapore-born Malaysian who is best known for her advocacy on social and human rights issues. She is notably known for her tweets and for being a columnist on Malay Mail.