I Married A Man I Knew For 6 Months

It is the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.

Before my husband, I had relationships that lasted for more than a year. The longest one was three and a half years. (Any relationship that lasted less than a year are only considered trial runs!)

I’ve thought of marriage a few times during these relationships, but I never went through with it. I thought of marriage only because I was comfortable with the person. It might have been an abusive relationship, a manipulative relationship, or even a toxic one, but I grew comfortable nonetheless.

To me, they were a safe choice. What could go wrong? I practically knew them inside out. Still, I always knew it was time to call it quits when I start asking myself, ”If I cannot handle this now, what makes me think I can handle it ten years down the road?”

Just because I was comfortable did not mean I was happy.

Despite my unfortunate encounters with love, I always believed I would find someone who would be perfect for me. I dreamed of having a love like my parents’. Theirs was a traditional love story. They were in a relationship for years, became each other’s best friends, and finally decided to marry.

And then I met my husband. After six months, I told him, ”I think we should get married.” He agreed, so we did.

We took two months to plan the ceremony. By the time of the wedding, we’ve been together for eight months.

Whenever people ask me how long I’ve known my husband, they have mixed feelings about our marriage after hearing the answer.

It usually comes as a shock, but to those around us, the matrimony only made sense.

I never really understood what my parents meant when they said: “You’ll know when you know.” I honestly have never met anyone who fits my soul the way he does. I finally understand how it feels to have my person.

I don’t know how to explain it. I can only hope everyone gets the privilege of experiencing it. Everything just feels right.

I took years to find out if my past lovers were right for me when in reality, it is something that you can figure out very quickly.

When you meet the right person at the right time, everything becomes simple.

This article was originally published on Writers’ Blokke.