Nice to meet you.

My name is Shafiqah. I am a Singapore-born Malaysian who is best known for my advocacy on social and human rights issues. I am a writer and activist.

I first started with writing independent blog posts and sharing them on my social media. Afterwards, I went on to becoming a columnist on Malay Mail Online and sharing my thoughts. The rest became history. I picked up writing as a full-time professional career.

One of my most memorable campaigns to date would be the time I volunteered with UNICEF Malaysia. I became their content manager during their ‘Saya Sayang Saya’ nationwide tour, a follow-up to the Malaysian chapter of the global UNICEF campaign ‘Reply For All’. I made it my duty to raise awareness about child grooming. The ‘Saya Sayang Saya’ campaign finally led to the cabinet approval of the Child Sexual Crimes Bill in 2017.

I learned how to resonate with audiences and start conversations through my time as an activist. Forging human connections through words quickly became my passion. Writing is the simplest tool a person can use to drive change, inspire life, convey emotion, impart knowledge, and so much more.

Even though I am mostly recognised for my activism, I also enjoy drawing. After so many years of enjoying art on the side, I decided to pursue illustration and portrait drawing as a side business.

What do I want? To be able to create content that can raise awareness on important issues, amplifying the people’s voice, and hopefully help those in need.

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