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What is love?

What is love? Love to me isn’t the fire; It’s the warmth of the hearth that keeps you safe and comfortable on cold nights. Even when the fire is dimly lit, the warmness remains. Love to me isn’t belting your favourite songs at the top of your lungs, but humming the tune while you’re doing …

Improving My English

I have been asked many times by different people throughout the years how to improve their English. A lot of them raise the point that the words I use are understandable and not always bombastic, but it has never crossed their minds to use it a certain way in a sentence. I am extremely flattered …

My supernova.

Words. That was all it took for you. I’ve read many beautiful things in my life, but nothing quite like you. I find myself reading your lines over and over again, getting lost in the intricacy of your sentences, trying to untangle your metaphors.

Of cognition and grey areas.

Before I start, I think it is important for me first to explain what I mean by “being in the grey area.” For many people, it means being a fence-sitter or uncertain. In the context of this post, it means already having your own convictions while still allowing room for compromise and discourse.

The Answer

“I’m self-destructive when I’m alone.” “What do you mean?” “I don’t take care of myself when I’m not needed.” “Why do you do that?” “Honestly, I don’t know.”