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Free Spirit

Free spirit, free spirit, Leaving a mark in everyone you meet. Free spirit, free spirit, Missing you more than I’m willing to admit.

In Beloved Memory

Ladies and gentlemen, friend or foe, Thank you for joining me today in expressing my woes. Before us lies our dearly departed, And their murder has left me truly disheartened.

Blind Love

My lover, far from perfect is he; With craters on his face and yellow teeth. I wanted a man, but that’s not what he be As he cries just as much as he breathes.


Does your God hate anyone who doesn’t believe in Him, And commands you to condemn them to Hell for thinking so? Does He hate all the gays and only loves a specific group of people, Thus instead of making friends, you make them your foe?

Religion vs. Islam

What if I told you that Islam was sent down to abolish religion? A set of concrete, intolerant rules that have caused nothing but division? What if I told you that voting for PAS isn’t our mission? That just because you vote for them, doesn’t mean you see with the right vision?