Tyranny of the Malay Muslim majority

In John Stuart Mill’s “On Liberty”, he pens his thoughts on individual rights and mob rule. He states that there are 3 types of tyrannies; First being the tyranny of one over the few/many (dictatorships, oligarchies etc.); Second being the tyranny of many over the one/few (e.g. democracies); And third, which he argues is the worst of all, the tyranny of custom.

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Teaching abstinence is not enough

What is promoting zina?

“You should have sex before marriage! Nay, you MUST have sex before marriage! Let’s start a campaign asking everyone to have sex before they marry!”

What is NOT promoting zina?

“We cannot dictate people’s choices to have sex before/after marriage, but they should learn safe sex to avoid STDs, unwanted pregnancies, and coercion/manipulation.”

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