Of Science & Religion

I’m no scientist, and I do think I will never have the intellectual capacity to ever be one. But I have always been intrigued with science – from biology all the way to what lies in and beyond the cosmos. However, as a person of faith, I’ve always felt like there was a glass ceiling between religion and science, that these two subjects were mutually exclusive and can never be converged. Continue reading Of Science & Religion


The age-old question plagues my mind. Who, or what is God? Abrahamic faiths have fed their adherents the idea of a personal God for as long as they existed. This God, besides creating the universe, also answers prayers, punishes sins, conducts miracles, and is incredibly invested in human affairs. I was raised a Muslim, and this was the concept of God that I have learned to embrace. Continue reading #3


Ah, the classic Euthyphro Dilemma. What a joy.

Is it good because God commanded it, or did God command it because it is good? It’s a real question for theists to ponder over, as their answer to this question may either confirm what they know of God, or cause them to doubt His very existence. Continue reading #2


Sometimes I do wish I could be taken back to a simpler time — when all the rules were already laid out for me and all that was left was for me to simply follow them. When I need not question my purpose because people had already answered it for me. Ignorance is truly bliss, especially when you don’t need to put yourself through all the trouble to seek answers that others have given to you.

But I guess that is just not how I was brought up. Continue reading #1