Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council

Articles for the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council for their #MyHealthIs2020 APAC-specific campaign.

Health Hacks For Busy Bees

“I’m too busy to exercise…” “I’ll start exercising from Monday.” Sound familiar? Of course it does. We’ve all heard ourselves say something like this, right?

It’s hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle in today’s busy world. And it’s made harder by those friends bragging about how dedicated they are to exercise! Where do they find the time?

The reality is that it’s never a good idea to put your well-being at the bottom of a priority list. Getting enough sleep and rest, eating well and staying active not only help to boost your immune system but will also raise your energy levels, improve concentration and increase productivity. 

The good news is that if you use these hacks, you can find time to incorporate healthy habits into the busiest of schedules!

Malaysia: A Healing Paradise

For many, travel is a means of escape. Increasingly though, it provides an opportunity for dreams to come true, bodies to be repaired, and lives to be changed. It is little wonder then that more and more people from countries with overloaded healthcare systems are venturing overseas for medical treatment.

Many independent healthcare travellers put a great deal of effort into their journey to and from a country, bearing in mind the time spent in a foreign country will include the stressful pre-surgery period, the time for rehabilitation after surgery, physiotherapy and recovery, wellness, and more. Due to this, there is a rising expectation that healthcare should be easily accessible, affordable, and high-quality.