Spirituality vs. Religion

Growing up, I have always been told that spirituality in religion is important, or else our deeds of worship would just be empty. I have believed that my whole life, until I moved to Malaysia and was challenged with the notion “Buat je dulu, ikhlas ke tak kemudian” which can be translated to “Do first, …


Does your God hate anyone who doesn’t believe in Him, And commands you to condemn them to Hell for thinking so? Does He hate all the gays and only loves a specific group of people, Thus instead of making friends, you make them your foe?

Religion vs. Islam

What if I told you that Islam was sent down to abolish religion? A set of concrete, intolerant rules that have caused nothing but division? What if I told you that voting for PAS isn’t our mission? That just because you vote for them, doesn’t mean you see with the right vision?